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Well, we've been quite busy lately uploading various extraordinarily tasty games for our hungry gamers! So, you'll notice that the menu has been broadened and made even more delicious with our incredible hungry arcade games!

wigman is hungry
Wigman is hungry!
First of all, one of the latest and greatest additions to the abundance of games we have is definitely Wigman Big Run! This game has it all - the action, the creativity and, of course, the tasty, tasty food! Launch Mr. Wigman and watch him collect as many types of food as he can, with his mouth, of course.

Also, give your best to get as fly as far as possible and avoid the enemies and obstacles which surround the levels. Eat food, gain weight and reach the end of all the interesting adventures Mr. Wigman encounters on his food expeditions!

Tom and Jerry in the "food action"!

Once you complete this sweet game, you can go right onto Tom and Jerry – Food Free for All! Remember the heroes of all of our childhoods? Well, the most famous cat and mouse in the world are back and they're hungry! Now, since you will be controlling Jerry in this game, it is your mission to avoid Tom while, at the same time, devouring all the tasty morsels set up around the table. Watch out, make sure your tactics are flawless and you will be having amazing amounts of fun while Jerry stuffs himself senseless with the most delicious food of them all!

Still not enough hungry games for your unquenchable appetite? No problem, we have all you can eat games up here! Since we're talking about blasts from the past and food as a light motif, why not entering the hungry arcade time machine and going back to the past, having a good time with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Yes, they are back, stronger than ever and more addicted to pizza that ever! You know how much hungry arcade lovers enjoy pizza, don't you? Here it comes in all it's glory, combined with fighting and a wide variety of levels full of food ninjas and some other enemies for you to beat with a mouthful of pizza!

Delicious Pumpkin doughnut muffins

If your stomach continues rumbling, hop on the food train and get your hands dirty! We've replenished our hungry game supplies with a couple of educational recipe games, because we know that sheer gaming is soulfood, but games which teach you how to actually cook at home are a whole different universe, transcending the digital and entering the sensory food realm. Join us and become a master chef with Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins! Make these muffins for your friends or your loved ones and watch them gobble them up with amazement. Moreover, give Jelly Donuts a spin, you'll be speechless once you actually make them in real life and try them. Through step-by-step game instructions, all you need to do is replicate the process in your kitchen and you will have these excellent treats ready and wonderfully smelling in no time!

Cake Shop 3 - Intro

Last, but not least, there's a bite explosion called Cake Shop 3 for you right here! If you've played the previous games by this name, you know the drill. Take over the cake shop, make the cakes which will be to your customers' likings and sell them for good money, plus tasty tips! The customers come swarming in, wanting a bite off your broad offer of colorful cakes of many layers. So, for those hungry gamers who see themselves as food enterprise managers, this is a game like no other for this purpose!

Papas Pancakeria - insert

Make the cakes and make the people happy!

Also, there is a full plate of Papa Louie's games available, fresh out of the oven! So, treat yourself with Papa's Taco Mia!, or perhaps Papa's Pancakeria and see what Papa has in store for you this time, with his never-ending franchise of flawless and superb restaurants and an entire army of starving customers and food enthusiasts!

To wrap it all up and put a cherry on top, we've been quite busy and the above mentioned games are just the tip of the sweet popsicle iceberg we have for you! Grab it while it's hot people and stay tuned to fresh hungry games updates!

Oh boy have we replenished the supply of the most awesome hungry games for you! Since the last update, there have been numerous tidbits added to the tasty pile, all there for you to gobble up and enjoy!

First of all, if you thought that we will forget those of you who learn new recipes through out yummy hungry games, you have made a grave mistake! We haven't forgotten you and we never will. So, if you haven't already, head on to learning new kitchen tricks with Sardinian Lobster Spaghetti, Follow the instructions which are beautiful, easy to understand and even easier to apply in real life, as always, and learn how to amaze the crowds that come to dinner with this remarkable dish!

Make a Shake Game
If you're into sweets after all, milkshake games have been updated too with Make A Shake. Oh, the very notion of these games brings water to the mouth. Make a Shake will teach you a few tricks when it comes to creating wonderful milkshakes, easy and lovely. Just follow the instructions and, if you want, even print out the recipe once the virtual shake has been made!

As for cake games, you can now learn how to make New York Cheese Cake, one of the most sought after variants of this delicious sweet surrender. Learn everything, from the ingredients you need, over the process of making the cake. The only thing you need to do later is remake everything in your kitchen and be amazed at your own skills!

Ice cream games lovers can pull up their sleeves and learn how to make Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream, a special treat for these hot summer days. Even though the title may sound familiar and simple, this instructional ice cream making game adds a twist of its own! We'll let you find out which by playing it!

Now, let's switch to the arcade games, the ones that everybody likes, even those who are not so skillful in the kitchen. There have been fresh additions to the pot, and you can find them easy enough. Many have already experienced the addictive charm of Danger Donuts, an easy to play and enjoy game which lets you eat all the donuts you want if you are skillful and careful enough.

Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack game
We'll guarantee one thing for this game, its extremely addictive and may give you an actual donut crave! Have fun playing it.

Also, Papa's arcade games lovers are going to be stoked for the newest arrivals in our burger games, pizza games and even cake games! Papa Louie has been busy since the last update and has been fighting rabid burgers which have threatened to eat his customers. Of course, you have been chosen to lead Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack game, helping Papa restore the stolen fame of his renowned burger parlor!

Papa's Cupcakeria
Once you help him with the burgers, do the same with the pizzas since they seem to be out of hand in Papa Louie When Pizzas Attack. Excellent game with an excellent story, taking you to a hidden world of dangerous food where you have to fight your way through the enemy lines, collect coins and beat bosses in order to set your pizzeria back in motion! This game has many twists and turns and it is bound to keep you busy for at least an hour! So, have fun and make sure you restore the pizzas into their former, deliciously edible state.

Last but not least, give Papa's Cupcakeria a try or else you will be missing out big time! Long story short, we have added a whole mouth watering bunch of games for you and your friends to play time and time again. Dinner's ready hungry arcade players! Bon appetit!

Hello all you food game lovers, here's a brand new delicious and mouth-watering update made just for you and your entertainment. We've got dozens of new hungry games freshly uploaded, waiting for you to enjoy them.

First of all, you need to know that we have introduced you to a brand new milkshake game called the Milkshake Bar Escape! This brilliant escape game is all about finding your way out of a milkshake bar by using nothing but your wits and the sharpness of your eyesight. Find all the keys and solve all the puzzles and you can go home until the next morning when you come for a new milkshake treat. Do not miss this tasty morsel, play it ASAP!

Spongebob in the action!
Also, for all of our Spongebob game lovers, we've granted you the pleasure of playing Spongebob Burger Express, a dynamic game which puts you in the shoes of our favorite sea sponge and his adventures. Take a ride down the undersea world and deliver tasty burgers to the hungry locals. A true tasty gem this game is, believe us!

As for people who like practical and educational games, we have thought about your cup of tea and have added something that really takes the cake, all puns intended. First of all, if you want to surprise your one and only or want to throw a dinner party for your friends, give Home Recipes Spaghetti with Chicken a shot. Once you go through the game and play it whole you will learn how to prepare this wonderful recipe and whoever you make it to will be more than surprised, asking for more. With its wonderful graphics and interesting educational gameplay, this game will stay in your mind, helping you with your future kitchen endeavors.

Make something delicious right now!
If you take a look at our Cake Games page, you will notice that we have added the recipe game for Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake game, a wonderful play-through tutorial for making this delicacy. The rules are the same here, play the entire game and head of to the kitchen, you will be amazed by the results of what you've learned just like you will be while you play this game. So, head on and give it a try!

Since there's no good party without good drinks, we've completed the tutorial game updates with a splashy and refreshing Watermelon Sangria down at the Fruit Games category. Play it once and head on to making this amazing fruit drink and treat inside a watermelon. We've tried this party animal and we can say it works like a charm.

All these games are played with the mouse and sometimes the basic WASD or arrow keys on the keyboard, so you will get used to the gameplay in no time, learning new cuisine skills and putting them to excellent use in a matter of minutes.

Make fantastic sushi in Sushi Ninja
That's not all, however, since we have refreshed our hungry arcade quite a bit this time, but it's nothing you can't digest if you eat it one by one. For example, do not miss the latest and greatest at Sushi Games, the Sushi Ninja and Sushi Rush. If you like cutting sushi, the former one is your game and if you are in for some logical thinking and tactics, do not skip the latter, it has all you will need for good, clean and crunchy fun. For those who love playing food selling games, we've put in Beach Fruity Snack and Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop, both amazing and interesting restaurant games for you to enjoy and play with a smile on your face and a dinner waiting for you on your plate.

To wrap it all up in a tasty ball of cream and put a juicy cherry on top, the rest is up to you to explore. All you need to know, our dear Hungry Gamers, is that this is not all and that there will be many more Hungry Arcade games coming to your favorite online gaming website! Happy playing!

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